Anne had our best interests at heart

Anne Gold was recommended to us highly by a friend and now that we have been through the process of buying a house with her we can see why. She was with us every step of the way through the daunting process of finding the perfect house for us and working with the mortgage broker. She had our best interests at heart. She knew what was happening at all times and what was coming next. She was very professional and upbeat always able to answer our questions or get answers to our questions. I would highly recommend her services for any future homeowners without hesitation. When and if we buy another house we will definitely be calling Anne to obtain her services again. Thank you Anne Gold and Century 21 for our happy homestead!

Sold for $50,000 more money

Anne Gold helped us with an unusually difficult home sale. We were tasked with selling my mother's home after her death. My brother and I were co-beneficiaries so coordinating was an issue. My brother wanted to sell the house to a We Buy Homes organization he found on the internet. I wanted to have Anne represent us since she had done such a remarkable job for us in the past. After much discussion, my brother agreed to have Anne list the house. She got us a price $50k higher than my brother's buyer. Anne's patience is a thing of wonder. When we are in the need of a real estate agent in the future, she will be our first call. She is the most dedicated and personable agent we could have found and we look forward to working with her again in the future

Quickly and expertly understood the market

Thank you very much for all you did for us in selling our house, and with the purchase of our new house. You quickly and expertly understood the market in our area, giving us excellent advice on how to sell our house, enabling us to sell in our price target. You also understood extremely well what we were looking for in our new house, working tirelessly to find houses for us to look at. Introducing us with a loan/mortgage officer and other services enabled the purchase to go forward quickly without a hitch, and you were available to us at all times to make sure both the sale and purchase process and inspection were concluded quickly and professionally. As you know, buying and selling a house is a very anxious experience, and you made it happen so smoothly! My family and I thank you very much!

Communication was flawless

We started looking for a home in July. We didn't find "the house" until December! Anne was very patient and understanding with us. We always had questions. If Anne didn't have the answer she would get it. We were very thankful that we got to work with. We couldn't have asked for a better person. It wasn't about the sale it was about making sure we got what we wanted. Even though it seems like it took forever and we looked at 50 homes. Anne was there every step of the way. Her communication throughout this whole process was flawless! Thanks again Anne!

Helped me buy my first house

I would like to express my gratitude for the work Anne Gold did in helping me purchase my first house. There are many types of buyers out there and it takes talent to read which type of buyer someone is. When I came to the table I was buying, hands down. What I needed was to know which houses I could choose from, what was on the market that would fit my parameters, and to get inside and see them. When Anne got together with me, she got my basic needs, square foot, area and price range, then looked through some 40 houses to narrow the search. That, I am sure, took some time and I appreciated her for doing that. But what I really l like the most about Anne is when we went to look at houses, she didn’t feed me lines on why this house or that house was good… she just let me buy! I knew what I wanted and what would work, her being on call, getting the doors open and instructing me on the process of buying was exactly what I wanted and exactly what she did.

There were a couple of things she did well on the support side too. She was quick to recommend help with financing. It seemed like she had a rolodex of all the names and numbers of people who could move us through the needed steps. What Anne did was great because she was personable. She was more of a friend and I hope she continues to give the same superb level of performance to others.

Anne was the third agent we hired and the first to get results!

I am writing to you to commend the outstanding work of Anne Gold and her team. I am sure that out of my earshot she refers to this as the deal from hell, and rightfully so.
Anne was the third agent we hired and the first to get any results on the property. We tried a local neighborhood agent and the “area specialist” and got nowhere. I am pleased with Anne’s ability to get and hold a good offer, but mostly am impressed with her level of dedication and follow through. This was by no means an easy deal. My wife and I had decided to allow the bank to foreclose, a neighbor was screaming that our fence infringing upon an easement, a mysterious trailer appeared on the driveway, and the sprinklers leaked. All this while we were 500 miles away. We couldn’t even get friends to mow the lawn anymore. At each point Anne took the lead and found solutions. She was the primary contact with our bank convincing them to accept the terms of a short sale, dealt with city planners on our behalf, listened to irate neighbors and more than once.
I am obviously happy to have the deal closed, but more importantly, I truly stand in awe of her work.

Anne Gold was a true professional

I was extremely fortunate to have Anne Gold handle the listing of my home. The professionalism exhibited by Anne during the entire time period was a tribute to your agency. I can’t overemphasize how pleased I was with the time and effort that Anne expended on my behalf. Having observed Anne’s work ethic I know that this is not the first letter that you have received. I simply wanted to add my thanks along with other clients that have had dealing with Mrs. Gold.

Anne did an excellent job in selling my house.

Anne was very professional and patient. She dealt with the contractor who remodeled the house and did weekly checks on the progress of the work. She kept me informed during the whole time and answered any questions I had. Anne did an excellent job of selling my house.

As we say in the Navy. Bravo Zulu!

Anne Gold's professionalism and attention to detail was unmatched and exceeded my expectations. As we say in the Navy. Bravo Zulu! Thanks again. Not a better Realtor in the world. Will always use and refer her services. Her professional knowledge and always willing to explain the sale process was unmatched. Very personal and patient.

Anne Gold and her entire team were great during our home buying process

Anne Gold and her entire team were great during our home buying process. Anne was especially great at continuing to follow up and try to get answers from our mortgage processors and selling agent, which we really appreciated. She was also a wealth of knowledge on the home buying process, which we (as first time home buyers) took full advantage of! She was also great and working through and around all of the restrictions implemented by Covid 19 which made touring houses more difficult than it otherwise would have been (no open houses). Even after our purchase had closed Anne made herself available to us if we had any questions or concerns. Anne Gold is a wonderful and very helpful real estate agent and we would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a home in San Diego.

We knew we were going with Anne Gold after our first conversation

We knew we were going with Anne Gold after our first conversation. She obviously had a great deal of knowledge about the area and was very easy to talk to. Anne was on top of all the details regarding our purchase. We had the added challenge of not being local but Anne was able to be present for all inspections and repairs. Anne was a pleasure to work with. The landscape of real estate is a scary place for first time home buyers but Anne made us feel like we were never in over our heads. She's a valuable asset to your team and we look forward to working with her again.

Anne Gold put our best interest first

Anne Gold did an excellent job about informing us about every step of the process and exceeded my expectations of quality customer service. Anne Gold exceeded my expectations about when it came to understanding what our needs were and putting our needs first. Anne Gold never made this process feel like she was only trying to get a sale, she was always attentive and ready to answer any questions we had. I would recommend Anne Gold to anyone who is looking to purchase a property as she will always keep you informed and put your best interest first.